1303, 2023

Here is the inspiration for Diamond Planet Robot ! 🙂 Ideals Robot Commando !

maart 13th, 2023|Categorieën: Algemeen|

if you ever wondered where the Japanese found the inspiration to create the legendary Diamond Planet Robot than look no further… Here is Ideals Robot Commando… Check it out..

301, 2023

Best wishes from the Dutch Caves for 2023 and we start with a kick ass Minty Robot ! 🙂

januari 3rd, 2023|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Well, as promised…. but first of all i want to wish you all a fantastic 2023 in good health !
and now.. the kickoff for this year.. what to say about a mint in mint box Television Spaceman from Alps… Check it out !!

More to come

3110, 2022

New Robot and Space Toy Parts Available !

oktober 31st, 2022|Categorieën: Algemeen|

I have added new 3D printed parts for robots and space toys lately.. Check them out ( you will be forwarded to ebay )
If you want to buy the parts directly than drop me an email: and let me know what part you are interested in

More to come soon !!

2110, 2022

Space Patrol 7 .. fresh listed on our new server ! 🙂

oktober 21st, 2022|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Building a database with robots and spacetoys over 15 years takes time AND be more specific.. computer harddisk space…
I had to move all to a new server to expand in the next 15 years 😉

all done.. ( let me know if you see anything strange or not correct )  we start just before the weekend with an unplayed rarity from KO Yoshiya.. Space Patrol 7 with original box ( and inserts ! 🙂

Have a great weekend !

2607, 2022

Minty Tuliphead and a rare rocket… check them out in the new arrivals section !!

juli 26th, 2022|Categorieën: Algemeen|

I added 2 fantastic toys again.. you can both find them in the new arrival section. Tuliphead with box and a rare and scarce nomura 3 stage rocket..check them out !!

1910, 2021

BOOKS !!!!!!!!

oktober 19th, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

If you are missing a robot or space toy book.. here is your change to add it to your collection.
I collected many doubles over the years that came with collections i found all over the world…

Time to make some room.. time to sell some doubles…

If you see a book you want.. make a copy of the picture and mail it to me at
I will mail you back with the price and shipping costs..

have fun

709, 2021

Empty Wheel a Gear Box and Talking Robot Added….

september 7th, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Back from vacation. time to add new toys to my website…. I already added a mint empty Taiyo Box and today a fantastic Yonezawa Talking Robot ( yes the rare one with the Cragstan logo on its chest.. check it out.. .more coming soon !!

1604, 2021


april 16th, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

All cleaned up in the new caves.. all set .. went through the complete website to set al what is sold on .. sold ! 😉
Ready to move on now… Found a very nice early chinese flying boat with sought after box.. in near mint condition.. check it out !

More toys to come soon !!!

204, 2021

Dust settles down in the New Dutch Caves

april 2nd, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Well.. all set here in the New Dutch Caves.. was quite a job but all found a new place.. and.. I am able to find all my stuff again. lot of “forgotten” toys surfaced when moving stuff around.

I will start the new “batch” with a smashing flying saucer from Estrela Brasil with original box.. check it out !

2409, 2020

Kanto / Sankei – Exploration Train..Its Cragstan For TOys !

september 24th, 2020|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Besides a tear in one of the sidepanels there are NO flaws to mention.. even better.. i dont think it was ever been played with at all or at least.. not much !
third example i have in hands in 15 years of collecting.. by FAR the best one i have ever seen ! you will NOT be dissapointed with this one CHECK IT OUT !.

101, 2020


januari 1st, 2020|Categorieën: Algemeen|

May the toys be with you ! I wish you all a fantastic 2020 with a lot of new amazing robots and spacetoys and.. all of course in good health ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !
and… in my first search for 2020.. look what i found…. The “Radar Master Robot ” ( read.. my “logo” ) Redone by Toyota for the 2020 olympics 🙂 .  cool or what.. it will be a fantastic year !


1912, 2019

New Toys added… just before chrismas :).. Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and Argentina Lunar Car… check them all out !

december 19th, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

New toys added today… just before Christmas ! 🙂 . Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and a Gorgo Explorador Lunar Car… check them all out, more to come !

310, 2019

Buzz…. ( Nopes, not Lightyear ) but Buzzerrr…….

oktober 3rd, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

This robot has been in my collection for quite some time. There is good, good and bad news… to start with the last… there is some serious corrosion as you can see in the pictures… good is that the robot comes with the exceedingly rare and scarce original box AND.. its in full working order !  Check it out…

3105, 2019

Ultra Cool AND… Fully Operational !!

mei 31st, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

The weeks of testing and creating finally came to an end… I solved the final gear problem for these robot types ( of which there are a LOT available… )
5 different problems these robots can run into and all of them have at least 3 or 4 problems.. I made 3D printed solutions to solve all these problems and now I am able to bring them ALL back to life !

Here is the first one… back from the death… check it out.

2703, 2019

Email fixed and up to the Moon .. ( with linemar’s Moon Car of course ! :)..check it out

maart 27th, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

I had to remove the contact form because i was not sure if all the messages reached me. From now on please just email to for all your questions.
Further I added 2 fantastic space toys.. Robby Space Patrol from Nomura and Linemar’s ( also nomura of course ) Moon Car…… more to come soon !

2301, 2019

Fantastic example of Nomura`s Tulip Head Robot arrived at the Dutch Caves ! 🙂

januari 23rd, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

It has been a while but finally I could lay my hands again on a very nice Tuliphead Robot.  Still one of the best robots around !  Check it out here

2201, 2019

Unique Zaborger Project

januari 22nd, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

For all who love these Japanese Character robots… I made a special series attacking rotate o`matic zaborger robots. These will come in several color variations like, black, purple, red, orange, green, gold, silver and blue.
I will only make 5 of each color !

I present the first crazy color: PURPLE ! 🙂  only 5 available !
Check it out here…

1412, 2018

These Keep on amazing me !… What a fantastic piece of TOY 🙂

december 14th, 2018|Categorieën: Algemeen|

It has been a while since a complete boxed one found its way to the caves.. but it becomes even better..Near mint, untouched, and perfectly working boxed RED variation !  check it out !

2311, 2018

Automatic 2 Speed control folding arm Robot 🙂

november 23rd, 2018|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Not only has Mr. Hustler very nice looks, a fantastic box but lets not forget this is the ONLY robot in the scene with an AUTOMATIC 2-speed gearbox ! ever realized that ! 🙂 ? check it out… with smashing colorful original box ! Have a great weekend !

2211, 2018

Like he is made out of real gold ! :)….

november 22nd, 2018|Categorieën: Algemeen|

I have had a few of these golden attacking Martians in my workshop but this one is for sure the best one I ever had, The box is good, the robot however is WOW !
Arrived here with a broken gear that i could replace from the outside ( through the doors )  I think the robot was simply never been played with of this.
Runs like NEW, looks like NEW… and is in fact… new 🙂 near mint example, best i have seen in years !

2510, 2018

New Parts Section !

oktober 25th, 2018|Categorieën: Algemeen|

As the amount and diversity of 3D printed parts is getting bigger and bigger I had to make a separate section for it… Now you can go directly to the PARTS section where you can find them all… ehhhh having that said, not all yet as I still have to add many of them..
You can find ALL of them already on ( type: VST 3D printed ) and you can find the all there… I will add them also here on my website the next weeks.
Oh and I added a nice mechanized Robby from Nomura as well 🙂

1810, 2018

Nose Robots and Busy Helmets !

oktober 18th, 2018|Categorieën: Algemeen|

I added 2 new items today to my website: rare russian socalled: ” nose robots ” in green, mint in box ! unplayed with old stock and… for the unlucky workers out there ( the busy cart working robots ) that lost their helmet… now there are fresh new 3D printed Helmets available guys… no need to take any risk without wearing your helmets 🙂 !

409, 2018

VST Replacement Parts arrived to the website.. ( Finally ! :-)……

september 4th, 2018|Categorieën: NEW|

It was about time to add all the parts I have in stock to my website. You will see more and more appear the next few weeks. Its again a lot of work to do but I try to add all the available parts as soon as possible.
There is ALWAYS stock as i make the part on demand.  Shipping is free and included in the price. All the parts are high quality made and 3D printed in the best quality available on professional 3D printers from Ultimaker.

Use the search bar and type: VST

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact me on


1912, 2017

VST – Saturn V Rocket Part 6.

december 19th, 2017|Categorieën: Algemeen|

with all the parts printed for the first stage, the fun begins and that is building up the Saturn.
I started with the base on which the engines will be mounted ( later ) and from where the body parts are built up.
First advice if you ever want to build this Saturn is NOT to mount the engines to the base bottom platform. its not handy when you build up the parts with the engines already mounted, they can only break in the building process..

In the pics you see the first part of stage 1 with the smaller fuel tank installed.

More to come..

1812, 2017

VST – Saturn V Rocket Update 5.

december 18th, 2017|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Now the dust of the new website has settled a bit, its time for an update on the Saturn V project… For those who have missed it…
I am trying to build a Saturn V Rocket, fully 3D printed on a scale of 1 / 60 !  That means a height over 2 metres. not even included the tower ! 🙂

I will add updates of this monster project as much as possible and it can also be found on my facebook group.


1012, 2017

Small Pictures !!

december 10th, 2017|Categorieën: NEW|

I noticed that the size of the pictures is still small, they should be much bigger so you can actually see the toys and the details.
working on that and it will be fixed asap… Ill keep you posted….

3110, 2017

New website is coming!

oktober 31st, 2017|Categorieën: Algemeen|

The New website is almost there. In a few days from now it will go live and I hope to receive all your comments about it.
look and feel will stay the same but the system will be totally new.

so… in order to keep things going I will add the last item to the old website…. Change Man Prototype 5. check it out !
you will also find it on the new website of course… see you there ! 🙂

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