1604, 2021


april 16th, 2021|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

All cleaned up in the new caves.. all set .. went through the complete website to set al what is sold on .. sold ! šŸ˜‰
Ready to move on now… Found a very nice early chinese flying boat with sought after box.. in near mint condition.. check it out !

More toys to come soon !!!

204, 2021

Dust settles down in the New Dutch Caves

april 2nd, 2021|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

Well.. all set here in the New Dutch Caves.. was quite a job but all found a new place.. and.. I am able to find all my stuff again. lot of “forgotten” toys surfaced when moving stuff around.

I will start the new “batch” with a smashing flying saucer from Estrela Brasil with original box.. check it out !

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1610, 2020

It will not get any better than this…

oktober 16th, 2020|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

If you are ever in the market for a perfect Tuliphead than this is THE robot to add to your collection and enjoy it while we are bound back to our homes for the next months due to the corona virus….
check it out !


2409, 2020

Kanto / Sankei ā€“ Exploration Train..Its Cragstan For TOys !

september 24th, 2020|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

Besides a tear in one of the sidepanels there are NO flaws to mention.. even better.. i dont think it was ever been played with at all or at least.. not much !
third example i have in hands in 15 years of collecting.. by FAR the best one i have ever seen ! you will NOT be dissapointed with this one CHECK IT OUT !.

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