303, 2022

Something old.. something new…….and something to do with BLUE….

maart 3rd, 2022|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

It wont get ANY better…. Blue Smoking Robot with original ultra rare Yonezawa Smoking ROBOT !!! box ! ( Not smoking Spaceman …. Check it out.

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1910, 2021

BOOKS !!!!!!!!

oktober 19th, 2021|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

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If you are missing a robot or space toy book.. here is your change to add it to your collection.
I collected many doubles over the years that came with collections i found all over the world…

Time to make some room.. time to sell some doubles…

If you see a book you want.. make a copy of the picture and mail it to me at
I will mail you back with the price and shipping costs..

have fun

709, 2021

Empty Wheel a Gear Box and Talking Robot Added….

september 7th, 2021|Categorieƫn: Algemeen|

Back from vacation. time to add new toys to my website…. I already added a mint empty Taiyo Box and today a fantastic Yonezawa Talking Robot ( yes the rare one with the Cragstan logo on its chest.. check it out.. .more coming soon !!

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