1811, 2019

Lets Roll again … ๐Ÿ™‚

november 18th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Made by Nomura in the early sixties… not that often spotted with original box… check it out !!….


1511, 2019

Lets Roll…….

november 15th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Added today: Robby Road Construction Roller !… Seldom seen toy with its original box ! … Lets go….

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111, 2019

High End Toymaking from the sixties !!

november 1st, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

If you are looking for THE space toy from the golden age than look NO further. you just found it… nothing can beat this fantastic space station from Horikawa. Check it out !

810, 2019

Golden Martian with Telsada box

oktober 8th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Now I always believed these golden martians were only made for the UK because I always find them there but this one proves again I could be more than right… Telsada box version.. check it out..

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710, 2019

PRE-ORDER now !! Only 10 Available !

oktober 7th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

A crazy project again that took almost 3 months of my time before i could complete the first robot… Finally the first prototype is ready… read all about this project… First 10 will be in this blue configuration.. Pre- Order now.. only 10 availableย  at 499 usd including shipping and insurance… check it out !

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310, 2019

And.. there is more.. what to think of this Scarce Porthole Robot !

oktober 3rd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Its the hardest to find tin astronaut… the box is… a professional reproduction but still a nice addition.. what a beauty !.. Check it out.

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310, 2019

Buzz…. ( Nopes, not Lightyear ) but Buzzerrr…….

oktober 3rd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

This robot has been in my collection for quite some time. There is good, good and bad news… to start with the last… there is some serious corrosion as you can see in the pictures… good is that the robot comes with the exceedingly rare and scarce original box AND.. its in full working order !ย  Check it out…

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2409, 2019

Daiya Space Conqueror with original antenna

september 24th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Added today to the website: Very nice example of Daiya space conqueror with original antenna.

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1609, 2019

Super Rocket !

september 16th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Also added today this extremely rare and scarce Super Rocket from Daiya… !

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1609, 2019

Earth Man with Original Box !

september 16th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Hard to find astronaut with seldom seen original box ! check it out… more to come soon…

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1309, 2019

I am also called… CONE HEAD ROBOT ! ๐Ÿ™‚

september 13th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

its been a really long time since this robot stopped by the Dutch Caves and I expect it not to be here very long either :)!….check it out…

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609, 2019

Cragstan Great Astronaut…with original box !

september 6th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

If you are looking for the best then look no further as this one is very hard to ever upgrade !

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3008, 2019

Minty Mint ! …….

augustus 30th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

In all those years i have never seen such a minty first version of Alps Television spaceman.. wow what a beauty !.. check it out

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2208, 2019

Old Stock Space Jet Vehicle !

augustus 22nd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Hard to find toys are even better when they have never been played with at allย  and from time to time Italy let one of these gems go……Check it out


3105, 2019

Ultra Cool AND… Fully Operational !!

mei 31st, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

The weeks of testing and creating finally came to an end… I solved the final gear problem for these robot types ( of which there are a LOT available… )
5 different problems these robots can run into and all of them have at least 3 or 4 problems.. I made 3D printed solutions to solve all these problems and now I am able to bring them ALL back to life !

Here is the first one… back from the death… check it out.

1605, 2019

Blue Pug with straight ears….

mei 16th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

I added a nomura Pug robby today to the website. seldom seen in this color variation, the hardest to find.. check it out !

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305, 2019

Minty Mighty Robot !

mei 3rd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Well, if you are looking for a robot you NEVER ever have to upgrade then look no further.. this Mighty Robot is impossible to ever upgrade.. check it out…


1904, 2019

Ites Flying Saucer…. check it out

april 19th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

First and probably the last time you will ever see this one around !…more pics here…

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804, 2019

Member of the Legendary Gang of Three from Alps !

april 8th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

This robot does not need much introduction OR.. upgrade either… Check it out !


404, 2019

My personal favorite Rocket ! Lunar 7

april 4th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

For me personally this is one of the best rockets ever made in the golden age… check it out ! boxed example !!!

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2703, 2019

Email fixed and up to the Moon .. ( with linemar’s Moon Car of course ! :)..check it out

maart 27th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

I had to remove the contact form because i was not sure if all the messages reached me. From now on please just email to for all your questions.
Further I added 2 fantastic space toys.. Robby Space Patrol from Nomura and Linemar’s ( also nomura of course ) Moon Car…… more to come soon !

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