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Aoshin – Space Tank.

Well to start with the title here above.. Aoshin.. in fact i am not even sure about this. The tank seems to share its driver / astronaut robot with the flying saucer and even the impressive gun section seems to be a copy of the assembly of the saucer but… the robot is different also… more simple.. the turret on this tank does only move from left to right and back ( more about that later by the way ) and the barrels are non working ones.. they are not made to fire rockets as the ones on the flying saucer….

Is it a cost reduced toy compared to the saucer ( that one is battery operated and has rockets to fire and light on the robots head ) or is it a knock off toy made in Japan by god knows who…
Fact remains that only a few of these are known to exist..I think i have seen 3 max in the past 15 years and I can not remember seeing one in auction over the years but.. i could be wrong…

I found the toy some time ago but without the robot and the dish…Dirty as hell but underneath that dirt.. the toy seems to be ok. I decided to create the robot from scratch because finding it would be more luck than winning the lottery… It brought me to the 3D drawing table and I only had to work from pictures. I also tried out a ( for me ) new technique.. with decals because hand painting of the robots details is simply a no go area.. its all to tiny and small.
The shape is not that difficult and i think that part is done very well. also the decals turned out way better than expected. In short.. there is again the robot in control that should be controlling the guns 🙂

I also made the antenna 3D printed with the details just as the original one.
then… the mechanism.. the toy has friction and the turret is loose.. loose as in it can move from left to right but… of course that function was not working.
after opening the tank i found out that function could never have worked because the mechanism is missing a gear to do so.. it fact I am pretty sure that gear was never there…
there is a worm wheel that should drive it but the 10 teeth gear that should fit there in the worm gear is not present and could also not be lost.. simply impossible…

so that means that the moving turret was never a function of this ( cost reduced ) toy ! ?
I designed a new gear to complete this part of the mechanism to have the turret move again.
it looks almost like a design failure.. a toy that was produced with a flaw.. therefore not sold and therefore.. that scarce these days.. who will tell.. just a theory… 🙂

what remains is a complete and working spacetank in optima forma.. ultra ultra rare and scarce.. its completed with custom made 3d printed parts but tell me.. what looks better.. this tank with or without the robot and dish…

Enjoy the pics

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