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Yonezawa – Directional Robot

Some robots from the fifties and sixties became so popular that they were given new names. This robot`s original name is: ROBOT. He became his “new” name because he looks into the direction he goes after he bumped into an obstacle. Other examples of new names are: tuliphead (robots head opens like a tulip) hookrobot (because of the hook on his head) Robby the Robot ( his original name is just: Mechanized Robot …. and so on. This robot made by Yonezawa in Japan in the early 1960`s ( 1963 ) is called DIRECTIONAL robot.

This robot was part of a high end collection I found here in Holland. The son moved out the house and left his toys behind. After 10 years sitting in boxes, the parents asked their son if he still wanted the toys but because of less space in his house also, they decided to sell the collection. This robot was part of that collection.

The condition of this example is near mint. There is no rust, no dings or whatever and the robot works perfectly. An absolute above average example of this legendary robot. I have had some in my collection but this is really one of the best i have had over the years. All original and complete and besides some minor play wear and a few scratches, there are no flaws to mention on this one.

2 versions were made of this robot, this is the first version made in 1957 in the color green and with a slightly different body. A second version was made in 1959 with some improvements in the technique and slightly different litho.

When turned on, this robot find its way with mystery bump&go action and turns his lighted head in the direction he goes. His arms swing loosely and he produces a strange robotsound.

This popular skirted robot is a must have for any collection. No upgrade needed on this example !

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