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Bandai – Air Control Station

Bandai – Air Control Station was made in Japan in the early sixties. Now I have seen several variations of these kind of stations but this one was totally NEW for me. In all these years I have NEVER seen this variation before !

The toy was part of a pretty big collection of robots and space toys I found in Rome last year. a collection of more than 60 pieces with some very nice robots, space toys AND.. this Air Station.

The actions are awesome !: blinking lights, radar screen, buzzer and controls to switch between these actions. The condition of this ultra rare air control station is excellent to near mint and only a little bit of corrosion on the battery door is keeping this toy from higher grading. Further .. the toy is simply FANTASTIC, all original and complete.. The towers, the antenna, all there all original and even the original instruction sheet is present. Even better is that the toy works perfectly with all the actions and lights.. I would say no upgrade needed on this one but… i really doubt if you can find this toy again anyway. !
..The box.. is excellent to near mint with some ( I think ) discoloring on the side panels. I think the yellow should be red or so but.. there is simply no info online to compare.. The box has one original insert as well.

Extremely rare and scarce.. only a few of these are known to exist..

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