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Miura Toy – Space Ace Gou

This car was made in the late sixties and was first seen in a Japanese Television Series there that aired in 1965,  anime & Manga 宇宙(UCHU-space)エース(Ace).

This anime was aired 1965 as the first work of TATSUNOKO PURO, the anime creation company known as Mach Go-Go-Go! The character Space Ace was the Rival to Astro Boy.

The car is tinmade with very nice Space Ace Litho and is friction powered and measures aprox 25 cm in length. The car is complete and all original ! There is some wear mostly at the back of the car and on the bottom. The metal exhausts could use a good polish job but I will leave that to the new owner to decide.

A very rare and scarce toy that I never saw before in all those years of collection robots and spacetoys.

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