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Yoshiya KO – Sparky Robot blue variation.

And again the search came from Italy and one of my friends there pointed this one out to me.  A fantastic original blue sparky robot with original box.
I will ask him about the background of this robot and add the story later here.

Sparky Robot are still reproduced these days in big quantities and that proves that its still a very popular robot these days. In the sixties, the original ones were made by KO Yoshiya in Japan. Made in several variations in grey, different types of gold and the rarest ones in blue. there are in fact 2 blue variations. there is also a darker blue one with pistons ( its on my website too ! ) and that one has also a special socalled detective box.

But, back to this example now. clockwork operated and made out of lithographed tin. in action the robot walks forward with sparks behind the eyes.
This example is all original and complete and still even sparks ! works like a charm and beside some minor wear and scratches there is not much to mention.
Excellent + to near mint condition with original excellent box with a small puncture in the toplid and some minor wear throughout.

an absolute above average example of this hard to find sparky variation ! you can not go wrong with this one !

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