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Hong Kong – Flying Saucer XX7

The changes of finding such a fragile toy like this are not that big… made out of brittle plastic and battery operated.. the toy was made in HK Hong Kong but i have no idea in what year… guessing its in the seventies… but.. again not sure about that as i have absolute no reference material.  yes there is ONE picuture on the internet.. and.. that is THIS toy hahahahah

So that means that this is probably the only example known to exist !! ?? Never seen it before, not on the internet and not in any auction.. Its on alphadrome but like mentioned here before.. its this toy that was pictured.. ( without the antenna.. more about that later )

The toy is plastic made, battery operated with mystery bump and go action.. lights and revolving antenna.. and that last one brings me to that part.. the antenna…
I just made it for this toy.. its clearly on the box how it should have looked like. there are no other known examples of this toy so far so also no pics of the original antenna.

I made the antenna in a 3D cad program and printed it on my 3D printers. I think the result is more than good and when you see this toy you dont even realize it ever came without the antenna…

even better the antenna can also revolve but… that brings me to the next chapter..
The toy is working but not as it should anymore.. its easy to open it up ( 3 screws) but the internal mechanism is so fragile that I did not even tried to get it going again.
The engine has a wheel that runs a big wheel but and the motor is put to the big wheel by a rubber band.
very simple mechanism and I am sure when i replace the rubber band it will get the toy going again. the engine runs, lights work but the rubber band needs to be replaced. I dont want to take the risk to break anything so i decided to leave the mechanism as it was.. for me the perfect toy.. and box are way more important than to see this toy hoover over the floor with mystery bump and go…. but.. IF the new owner would get it going again.. its pretty simple to get access to the problem !

so… we have here an ultra cool, rare and scarce complete flying saucer ( antenna is a 3D printed reproduction ! ) WITH a fantastic original box !
At this moment this is the only known example on this planet.. known to exist !   how cool is that ! 😉 and… have you taken the time already to take a good look at the box.. fantastic artwork there !!!

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