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Nomura – Space Robot X-70 Tuliphead

Build by Nomura at the end of the sixties ( 1970 to be exact ) in Japan. Codename: X-70) The 70 in the robots litho refers to the year of manufacture.

When you first see this robot you think…Hey this automan has no head. At a second view you locate 2 “eyes” in the front that seems to give the robot something like a head. With a third view, when the robot starts to walk, this illusion of a head is gone… its a “Tulip” with a build in camera !! ??

This very scarce and rare robot has a strange action: It walks around just like most robots from the sixties does. Suddenly he stops, his “head” peels open like a tulip ) thats why this robot is better known as Tuliphead) and he starts to film its surroundings with a build in camera. The inside of the “tulipleafs” show FANTASTIC litho that you wont see often on space toys, really amazing ! When the camera action has ended, the “head” closes again and the robot takes a walk again.

The condition of the robot is near mint to mint and i can not remember i have ever seen a better example in all those years of collection !! The robot just looks like new and i really doubt if this robot has ever been played with before…. the reason is simple.. a broken plastic gear ( that i replaced with a new one so no worries there for the next 50 years ! 🙂 Good thing that the gear split because for this reason the robot spent most of its life in its box..
The robot works like new with all the actions, absolute NO flaws to mention on the robot.. you will have a HELL of a job to ever upgrade this one.. same for the original box.. near mint to mint box ! with even the original wrapping paper inside and also an insert.

If you want the best of the best than look no further !. Stunning Tuliphead Robot with original box.. i will not get any better than this !!

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CFP: Contact me for Price    at