Project omschrijving

VST – Collection Robot & Space Toy Books. ( The complete collection of books is ON HOLD at this moment ! )

Over the years… read… 15 and more.. i bought and sold several robots and space toys and also collections or parts of it.  Along with the toys there came the books and i collected a LOT of them over the years.  When I moved to the New Dutch Caves I sorted them out and packed all the doubles apart from the rest.. and now.. i finally took the time to picture them and.. put them up for sale..

There is really a lot of them and also the best of the best robot and space books.. some are as new.. some are used and some were used by the collectors to administrate everything.. very cool by the way. Overall every book is complete and filled with cool pics of our toys..

If you want one.. just make a copy of the picture of the book you want from my website and email it to me:
I will mail you back with the price and shipping costs.`

Happy hunting in the VST book store ! 🙂