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Yoshiya – Sky Patrol Flying Saucer.

I found this example over here in Belgium recently. The saucer was stored away in a basement along with hundreds of other tin toys.. mostly motorcycles and little cars. hidden between those toys were also some robots and space toys hidden away.

This flying saucer was Made in Japan by KO Yoshiya in several variations, in red, white, with smoking action and this one. Sky Patrol with spinning gears.
Made out of tin and battery operated. The condition is excellent to near mint and the saucer really survived time very well. only a few minor scratches are there to mention. The saucer works perfect with all the light, actions and space sound.  Comes with original box in excellent to near mint condition. Best box i have ever seen for this saucer !

When i started collecting more than 15 years ago, these saucers showed up from time to time but now they are very hard to find and even in this boxed condition they are a seldom seen toy these days

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