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Italy – Rocket Gumball Machine.

What does a gumball machine and robots/space toys have in common….Well first this gumball machine is a rocket, no doubt about that and it was made in the late fifties, not in Japan but in Italy.  If you go to italy these days, you still will find a lot of gumball machines out on the streets. of course not these ones anymore but the modern ones, the plastic ones…

More than 50 – 60 years ago, the streets and the shops looked somewhat different and real robots and rockets provided the children with candy, with gumballs.

This all original rocket was found in an impressive collection of antiques that were saved from old shops. in this case this rocket did its job in a coffee shop for many many years. it stood on the bar and when you inserted 10 lire, a gumball came out.

This massive tin, iron, whatever made rocket did its job well for many years and survived the years very well. Still in full original condition, even filled with gumballs that may be many many years old, so its not to advice to eat them 🙂

The rocket is 62 cm in height and is heavy because it’s made out of a metal alloy with a metal casing for the red and pink top part.  The Rocket is complete and all original and the mechanism still works fine.  I dont have the key to open the rocket at the bottom to access the coins but a new lock can be placed easily. The top can be opened to fill the rocket again with new gumballs.

The rocket gumball machine was originally made in Italy in the mid or late fifties. unknown manufacturer but the rocket is marked with Lunik Brevettato. An absolute impressive piece of space history, extreme rare and scarce. This is the second example i have here in the Dutch Caves. I had one many years ago in blue in similar condition.

It IS a fantastic and absolute unique addition to any robot and space toy collection.. RARO  is what they call this in Italy 🙂

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