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Nomura – Z-01 The Red Man Flying Saucer

As a collector of flying saucers this one made my heart beat a little faster 🙂  The Red Man From Space build by Nomura ( TN) in Japan in 1962 is a very rare flying saucer that you will not find in the open market.  This friction powered flying saucer has great lithography and a COMPLETE astronaut…. ehhh complete, yes from the the to the head. Mostly you see only the head, the body and the head but that’s about it…. Not on this one…. here the whole astronaut is visible under the clear dome 😉

In action this saucer rolls forward with the astronaut rotating and sparks at the back. The condition is near mint and I really think the saucer has never been played with ever but is old store stock. The original dome is clear and free of cracks or scratches. Also the litho of the saucer is shiny and bright. no rust or dings. The box is original and awesome ! , never saw this saucer before with the original box, look at the artwork, it’s fantastic ! excellent box !

A very rare and hard to find flying saucer in any condition.

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