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Daiya – Road Construction Roller

The holy grail for robby the robot collectors: Robby on the construction roller. The toy was made in the late fifties in Japan by Daiya. The official name of the toy is Road Construction Roller.

I found this battery operated toy in the US. It was always one of my favorites because robby is there but I could never lay my hands on a nice example. This hardly been played with Roller was stored away on an attic for over 30 years and was found when cleaning up the house.

In action this robby roller comes with mystery bump and go action, at both sides pistons go up and down and the 12 camshafts ( Yes its a real six cylinder 🙂  pump up and down like the real ones. A VERY impressive toy and even more because I could look inside and saw the system daiya made to make this pistons and camshafts working visable… its really AMAZING !! its a complex mechanism, really really cool !!

The condition of this robby roller is excellent to near mint There is only minor playwear as you can expect from a played with toy from the fifties. both the roller and the robot survived the years very well. only some light wear and scratches.  The Roller is all complete and original and works fine and strong, no flaws to mention. Battery compartment is clean.

Well… there is not much more to tell, other than this holy grail is a rarity of its own. Extremely rare and scarce in this wonderful and original condition… Not really an upgrade needed on this one…

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