Project omschrijving

VST – Mr. Bonanza

when you find a robot with a damaged head you have 3 options.. put it in a box to find it back again in 20 years for parts.. throw it away or.. bring it back to life with the remains of other robots…

I decided to go for option 3 and created.. Mr. Bonanza… the name.. why ! ? i have really NO idea hahahah. It was the first name that popped up when i looked at the robot when he was ready.. so… Mr. Bonanza it is…

Further the robot has Nothing to do with the wild west but it brought me on some new ideas

Mr. Bonanza comes with bright red lighted eyes, walking action, tv screen with space movie and robot space sound. the robot is working perfectly and is in excellent condition.

Created in the Dutch Caves under the VST brand.. how cool is that ! 🙂
Only example on this planet…. Guaranteed ! 🙂

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