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Alps – Door Robot

This in the 1950 build robot by Alps has an original name: ROBOT, but its the small door in its chest that makes this robot famous and therefore better known as Alps Door Robot. Build in Japan in 1956 this somewhat strange robot belongs to the top 5 of most sought after robots. Its controlled and powered by a remote control with 2 buttons. The first button makes the robot walk and shows the lightshow in his mouth. pressing the second button makes the robot stop walking and his head starts to rotate,showing all kind of colours and spinning antennas inside the clear dome. But for sure the nicest feature is the door which can be opened and gives access to the robots mechanism. Its also handy to replace the bulb 🙂

A complete door robot is hard to find. but you found one here….  This example is in near mint to mint condition. Only minor playwear. its complete and comes with all the original parts, the original door, hands, dome and remote control are present. A very scarce robot in this complete and original condition and best of all, its in 100 % working condition…. and even better.. with excellent to near mint original box.

I found this one many years ago in Rome Italy and it has been sitting on my shelves ever since. I really think this robot has never been played with at all… Impossible to ever upgrade !… high end example

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