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Modern Toys – Target Robot

Buying this robot was really a challenge for me because i found it in Mexico. It was offered to me by a very friendly guy called Jorge. The robot belonged to his father and there were some other toys as well. He told me his mother threw away the boxes of the toys some years ago…. ( aaaaaahhhhhhh !! ) (  Now is buying toys from Mexico not really something i do every day and it comes with a risk as well. Years ago i bought a few robots there and they were all opened up by customs ( read: destroyed ). They peaked inside the toys and did use screw divers to open them up.. I dont think i have to draw a picture with that….

But.. back to this Modern Toys – Target Robot.. after about a week of talking with Jorge we came to a deal and he packed the toys very well and shipped them to me. All arrived ( box was not opened thank god ) in good order. Along with the Target there was a nice capsule 6 and some other, all modern toys toys.
Target needed a gently clean and a new plastic gear ( these robots mostly have a split gear on the motor ) but other than that… it was an easy job to get it going again.
The result after simple cleaning..simply.. WOW !!!. I had a few of these over the years but this one is by far the best Target i ever had in my collection !! Hardly been played with at… absolute stunning near mint condition ! NO flaws to mention on this one.. works like a charm and comes with gun and dart as well !

Build in 1959 by Modern Toys (Masudaya) In Japan. To say a gang of 5 robot & rare in the same sentence is rather redundant, nonetheless, here is the rare target robot. All the gang of 5 robots are imposing for their sheer size alone not to mention beautiful litho & colors This gang of 5 member is the only one to have a fully litho’d body & the target robot has to rank as the most fun of the bunch. There is a round chest mounted target that when struck by the dart causes the robot to stop, then let out a screeching sound while squiggly lines are illuminated at the mouth piece. Robot then proceeds to go after “the attacker”.

Unlike the other gang members, whose bodies are stamp molded, painted, then lithographed panels are applied, the Target’s body is completely lithographed onto flat tin, then it’s stamped into shape. Because of this process, the finish on the shoulders discolors where the tin gets stretched to make the shoulder angle. This discoloration sometimes turns orange or brown. The shoulders on virtually every Target robot have this discoloration from stretching, and this one is no different.

In action the robot runs forward and waits to be hit by a dart. Once hit, the robot starts to come into action. makes a screaming noise, with light action and cool action in the mouth section, the robot turns 180 degrees and “runs” away from you… After some seconds, he starts to rotate again, 180 degrees and closes in to you again, waiting to be hit again. Absolute one of the best action robots ever made in the golden age !

The condition of this robot is near mint !. its all original and complete. It works perfectly with all the actions. absolute stunning example of one of the hardest to find gangmembers ! Its not that often that Target Robots know to find their way to the Dutch Caves…

Extremely hard to find robot in any condition !  Rare and scarce robot !

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