//Nomura – Mechanized Robby Robot (Second Version )
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Nomura – Mechanized Robby Robot ( Second Version )

Build in 1957 by Nomura in Japan. ( This is the Second version )
This is for sure THE robot icon that everybody knows: ROBBY THE ROBOT in its purest form. Build as an exact  copy of the robot in the film Forbidden Planet. There were many variations made of this legendary robot but this is for sure the “mother” of all robbies 🙂 The actions are of course walking, flashing lights, spinning ears and the famous pumping pistons in his head. His arm swing around while he walks. Not like other robots, robby carries the 2 D-cells in his legs.

Nomura`s Mechanized Robot ( thats the official name of this toy ) is in excellent condition and is in 100 % original and complete. Its the second version build by Nomura ( visible by the Knobs of the battery compartments, the first version had round knobs, the second version didn`t. ) The battery compartments are clean, the robot works fine and strong with pumping pistons, light, walking action and great look :). there is some paint loss at one of the red feet. Overall condition is really excellent and in very good working condition.  Than there is the box… the box is original but is not in the best condition. there is damage and tears and some old tape repair on the inside. one of the short side panels is missing. Still it displays nice and the box is original.


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