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Horikawa – Mr. Hustler

The gates from Italy are still open and even in this pandamic they brought me an excellent boxed Mr. Hustler through the gate of time 🙂 found by a good friend of mine in Milano. Mr. Hustler is a somehow strange robot in the scene. He has special arms that fold out and in and the robot runs on 2 speeds, very cool to see in action.

Made in Japan in the mid sixties by SH Horikawa. Runs on 2 D-Cells with light swiveling action, folding arms and walking action.  The robot is very hard to find in good working condition and seldom shows up with the original box.

The condition of the robot excellent with an excellent  original box. The robot shows only minimal play wear as you can expect from a robot of this age. Mr. Hustler survived the years very well !  He works fine and strong, NO flaws to mention on this one. The box is original and really very nice in excellent condition with minimal wear as well.

Very VERY hard to find combination in this condition. Mr Hustler with Original box

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