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Ideal – Mr. Machine

Of course.. Mego Man and Electroman were copies of the original.. of Mr Machine that was made by Ideal in 1961. This plastic take apart robot was popular and was also one of the first plastic made robots.

Mr Machine. is a large 45cm 18″ clear plastic robot with an eccentric design. Visible motor. The robot was designed to be dismantled and reassembled. Has Wind up (clockwork ) action. When the toy was wound up it would roll forward swinging its arms and repeatedly ringing a bell mounted on its front. Every few steps it would emit a mechanical “Cream!”.

The condition of this Mr Machine is near mint, looks unplayed with and is complete and original. works like a charm, no flaws to mention on this one.
The box is original, excellent and completes this robot perfectly.

A must have robot and THE example for later Japanese Produced robots like Mego man and the legendary Electro Man.

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