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Kitanihon japan – Crypto Robot.

From time to time.. from a galaxy far far away, a robot shows up that let our hearts beat faster and faster and faster….. May I present Crypto Bot…  ! 🙂
Made in Japan in 1984 by a company called: Kitanihon.

Well, what is to tell about this robot… a LOT so fasten your seatbelts, here we go…    Of COURSE, the robot was located in Italy ( Rome ). Not located by myself but found by a friend of mine in Milano, who searched the country for robots all the time… This time he located something very cool again.
This robot was hidden in a big store with jukeboxes and stuff like that. put away there for years and put up for sale on a local internet site…

So first, what are we looking at here… This robot is a gambling machine. made for indoor entertainment halls. Its made in Japan in 1984 ( I found the stamp with the year inside the machine ) The company who made it is called ICNT under the flag of Kitanihon Japan. NO further info can be found about this robot or company on the internet so the rest will remain a mystery for the moment.   The robot is made out of shiny and polished steel and put together with screws.  The dome is plexiglass.  the size is a whopping 160 CM. Powered on 22o volts.  The functions are pretty clear… you have to insert coins and the robots mechanism are deciding if you win or loose, all with sound, talking, moving head, flashing lights and other gizmo`s , very very cool to see this one in action. The coin mechanism is taking 200 Lires Pieces.

I wondered why this robot is in such a MINT condition, it looks like it has never been used. Imagine this robot in an entertainment hall for year with people touching it, kids and adults playing with it…. it would NEVER end up in this condition…the robot does not have any damage, even no scratches or whatever… the inside and internals look brand new, and the coin mechanism looks like it never paid out a coin.    in short… the machine looks like new.

When powered up the robot lights up, and starts its siren and says something i cannot understand. It defently wants something to be done, or its saying what is wrong with it but I can not find out what it is.  I think this is exactly the reason the robot survived in this condition… I think it NEVER worked from the start.
Inside the legs is the section where the coins are counted… the counters are both at 000213…which indicates that only 213 coins were ever counted in the mechanism. The section where normally the coins fall in… is mint… really not a coin ever hit that box inside the legs… its all brand new !!
Even the plexiglass dome is mint… no scratches, no breaks or cracks… This Robot is just new and I think it never worked properly…

I took the liberty to give the robot a name… CRYPTO BOT 🙂

Getting the robot here was quite an adventure because I had to trust the seller on the packing of this robot. He really did a wonderfull job and the robot survived the trip from Rome to Tilburg perfectly !

As far as I know this is the one and ONLY known example of this Gambling Machine Robot on this planet. Nobody has ever seen a second one. I doubt if many were made, maybe this is the only one ever produced… and that in Mint condition… survived since 1984…. Wow… miracles DO exist 🙂 !

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