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Alps – Rocketman in Space Armor

RocketMan in Space Armor by Alps Japan was found in…. where else… Italy again 🙂  The robot was offered to me by a good friend. He found the robot for me in an estate sale, a shed that was cleaned out and in which he found some tin toys and this awesome robot.

I dont think there is an other robot from the sixties that has more actions that this Alps ( made for Rosko ) Rocket Man in Armor. Where shall i start…Of course this robot is able to walk like most of its “brothers. His eyes and ears are illuminated and when you lift his Armor, it reveals a beautifully lithoed face of an astronaut. There is a spinning antenna on top, there are kaleidoscopes build in his chest, a kind of clock that counts down the moment the missiles at his back are fired and there is pumping cylinder action at the bottom of his chest…. wow. Alps (Rosko) Rocket Man in Space Armor is controlled by a 2 button remote control.

When i received the robot i had to do not much more than testing and cleaning the robot a bit and wipe the years of dust off the robot.
The condition of this robot is near mint and I really doubt if you will ever been able to find a nicer example. looks hardly been played with… complete and all original with original antenna, remote and rockets. Works like a charm with all the actions. The lightbulb is not working and needs to be replaced. I will leave that to decide to the new owner as I dont want to open up the robot for only the bulb. The rockets are original !! and so is the antenna. Box is excellent with some wear and tears as shown in the pictures. there is one original insert present.

Alps – Rocketman in Armor is one of the best and most attracting robots made in the golden age !… an absolute MUST have and in this condition.. very very hard to ever upgrade !!

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