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Modern Toys – Target Robot

Buying this robot was really a challenge for me because although the robot looked very nice, it was missing the complete drivetrain ( the section with the gears and the wheels at the bottom of the robot ).¬† Now I have seen this before and I know why some target robots are missing this part… its kept in place only by one axle and because its a child toy, a single rip at that drivetrain would get it loose and totally seperated from the robot… Well, that is exactly what happend with this Target Robot. When i saw the pictures i knew I had to buy him to save him for the next generation in FULL working order ! ūüôā

Before the robot entered the dutch caves i had most of the parts drawn in 3D cad already. I took the Target from my personal collection and took it apart so that i could create all the parts in 3D.  Then I printed all the parts, the dish, wheels, gears and waited for the Target to arrive.
Took me again a full day to put it all together, adjust and make sure all worked fine. also the mechanism inside and the motors were not working anymore because of the many many many years the robot was not used anymore. Good thing is that ALL inside was untouched and complete so it was only a matter of get things going again, replaced all the wires inside and oiled the mechanism.

Build in 1959 by Modern Toys (Masudaya) In Japan. To say a gang of 5 robot & rare in the same sentence is rather redundant, nonetheless, here is the rare target robot. All the gang of 5 robots are imposing for their sheer size alone not to mention beautiful litho & colors This gang of 5 member is the only one to have a fully litho’d body & the target robot has to rank as the most fun of the bunch. There is a round chest mounted target that when struck by the dart causes the robot to stop, then let out a screeching sound while squiggly lines are illuminated at the mouth piece. Robot then proceeds to go after “the attacker”.

Unlike the other gang members, whose bodies are stamp molded, painted, then lithographed panels are applied, the Target’s body is completely lithographed onto flat tin, then it’s stamped into shape. Because of this process, the finish on the shoulders discolors where the tin gets stretched to make the shoulder angle. This discoloration sometimes turns orange or brown. The shoulders on virtually every Target robot have this discoloration from stretching, and this one is no different.

In action the robot runs forward and waits to be hit by a dart. Once hit, the robot starts to come into action. makes a screaming noise, with light action and cool action in the mouth section, the robot turns 180 degrees and “runs” away from you… After some seconds, he starts to rotate again, 180 degrees and closes in to you again, waiting to be hit again. Absolute one of the best action robots ever made in the golden age !

The condition of this robot is excellent, its all original and complete. The drivetrain ( wheel section ) has been replaced by a fully operational 3D printed version that I created especially for this robot. Its an exact 100 % copy of the original mechanism and it makes sure the robot works exactly as it should. I have made several pictures of the original drivetrain and the 3D printed one so if you are interested to see them, i will be happy to show them and sent you the pictures.
The robot is in played with condition and has overall some scratches and some corrosion spots as shown in the pictures. The robot is not a mint Target robot for sure but its in full working order and still a fantastic looking robot with some small issues to the litho. I made extra pics of those sections.

Its not that often that Target Robots know to find their way to the Dutch Caves… Finally there is one again, I loved to work on this robot and it was my pleasure to bring it back to life to make it fully operational again, using my 3D printing and drawing skills.
Here is a short movie of the robot in action: YOUTUBE : TARGET ROBOT

Harder and harder to find robot in any condition !  Rare and scarce robot !

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