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Yoshiya KO – High Wheel Robot.

KO`s High Wheel Robot was made in Japan in the early sixties and produced by Yoshiya KO.  Its amazing how things can go… I found the box for the robot in Italy 2 years ago and that box was in my workshop since than, waiting for the robot to arrive…

Last week I found the robot, here in Holland on a local marketplace 🙂
I believe this is the second time in all those years I have this robot in my collection.  High Wheel Robots seldom show up complete with their box and when they show up, they always are gone in a second..

The condition of the robot is excellent. The robot is complete, all original and it works like a charm. Remote and wire are original, no flaws to mention on this robot.  The box is original and in good to very good condition. the box shows some tears and wear and has some previous done repairs.

A rare and scarce combination that is seldom seen in the market.  Hard to find robot and box.

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