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Alps – Planet Explorer.

Now, I can not remember i have seen THAT many space toys produced by Alps but among the few they produced, this Impressive Planet Explorer is one that stands !

Made in Japan in the early sixties. This big impressive Tank is not often seen in the open market. I had one example before some years ago but not working and missing the box and antenna… This one is different !!!.. This example IS complete, all original and comes with fantastic original box ! AND… tada… original antenna ! 🙂
I found this Planet explorer surprisingly overhere in the Netherlands.  The previous owner had if for many years stored away. in the past he had tried to make it working but could not succeed. I can imagine why.. These toys have a complex mechanism that is mostly not working anymore..

To open up this toy, takes some serious time and skills to open it without doing any damage to it.  Thank god he only did try to open it up but did not succeed so no harm done.
I opened the tank and did the repairs that were needed. Some new wires and adjustment to the mechanism. I replaced the 2 bulbs under the dome with a new red and green one ( both bulbs were dead ). It was more work than I expected to be honest, costed me a full day to repair this one.

The result however is awesome and this is the first time I could see this scarce space tank in full action.
THe tank hoovers around with mystery bump and go action, loud ratata sound, swiveling lights under the dome and the guns move in and out with shooting action. An absolute impressive space toy.

THe condition of this planet explorer is excellent to near mint. The toy survived the years VERY well. Beside some light playwear, there is not much to mention about this example.The battery compartment is clean and the planet explorer works fine and strong. Its the best one i have ever seen so far. It works fine and strong, comes with ORIGINAL antenna ! and… an impressive beauty of a box  ! WOW… the colors are bright, the box is close to mint and some old tape repairs in one corner are keeping it from higher grading.  Absolute beautiful box, never saw it before..

The space explorer, together with the box makes this an unbeatable combination !. Scarce combination, that you will probably not see soon again ..

Rare and Scarce toy !

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