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LineMar Toys – Space Car SP-1

This absolute strange space car was made in Japan in the late fifties by Linemar Toys. Now, its a toy that you dont see that often around. I had it some years ago but not with the box. In fact I had never seen the box for this toy until the summer of 2018. A friend of mine in the USA contacted me if I was interested in this toy.
first i said no but when he sent me the pics and I saw the box, i was lost :)…

The toy has a friction engine and sparks inside. The box is WOW and absolutely completes this fantastic spacetoy.  Condition of the toy is near mint and only a few minor scratches are keeping it from higher grading. The box is excellent to near mint with a section of clear tape at one edge to keep the flap attached to the rest of the box.

Absolute rare and scarce combination of toy and box !

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