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Daiya – Space Conqueror Green variation

Made in Japan in the sixties by Daiya ( for Rosko ) This Astronaut Space Conqueror is the most rare version of the three versions made ( red, blue and green). Though these are all scarce robots, the blue version is showing up pretty often and is a part in most advanced collections. The red version is less common and not often seen in the open market, mostly on big auctions. The GREEN version is VERY VERY rare and scarce and is missing in most collections, even this version does not show up too often in big auctions. There are only a few of these, known to exist.

Like his blue and red brothers, this astronaut walks around with a rotating antenna. Suddenly he stops and he raises his BIG Gun and starts to fire it at will with a loud Ra-ta-ta sound and red flashing lights. Then he lowers his gun again and moves on to the next victim.

This Daiya Space Conqueror comes straight from Italy ( where else ! ) where it was stored away for most of the robots life. When I got the robot it was VERY dirty but easy to clean. I cleaned the battery contacts and inserted batteries… and.. the robot immediately fired up 🙂 worked like a charm !

The condition… well besides a tiny spot on the door of the battery compartment there is not much to mention. this is by far the best and cleanest green conqueror I have seen in all those years.. as if the robot was never been played with. ! maybe a few times.. child got bored.. left a battery inside, robot in the box and that was it.. that is how the robot “feels ”
Litho is close to perfect, bright and shiny.. perfect dome… and the robot works perfect with all the actions, rotating antenna (prof. repro ) and light.
Comes in original box that is missing a part at one side panel and has some tape repairs.. but is a perfect candidate for a box restoration.

In short, extremely rare and scarce robot in near mint and working condition with original box… very very seldomly shows up in the market ! Hard to find robot in any condition.

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