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LMPF – Sputnik Satellite Space Orbiter USSR 1959

LMPF = Leningrad Metal Product Factory, based in the former USSR. This was the company that produced this fantastic space / fairytale Space Orbiter. Made out of lithographed tin in the USSR in 1959. Wow, a Russian Space Toy that is 60 years old already.. how cool is that.

I had seen the toy before in auction but was not able to bid on it at that time….After that auction I came into contact with a very nice person from Russia who is helping me to find old Russian robots and space toys. I have received some very cool stuff already. This piece is the one that goes in the center of all that 😉

with the size of about a can of coca cola, the toy is amazing, you simply can keep on looking at it. In action it makes a very strange clicking sound while the satellite
( the tiny satellite in red, yes that one ) is orbiting the planet earth with CCCP in the center .. ( of course ! 🙂 This is Sputnik-2, the second spacecraft launched into Earth’s orbit on November 3, 1957 (the first time a cosmic creature was launched into space, the dog Laika).

Characters depicted on toy (Russian and Soviet fairy tales):
1. Old Man Hottabych and the pioneer Volka from the fairy tale “Old Hottabych”
2. Doctor Aibolit (Korney Chukovsky)
3. Pinocchio (Alexey Tolstoy)
4. Geese Swans
5. The Little Humpbacked Horse (tale of Peter Ershov)
6. Firebird
7. Baba Yaga
8. Yusuf
9. Vakula and Damn
10. Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf

The clockwork mechanism works smooth ! and works fine. In excellent condition. the toy shows minor wear but is overall in very nice condition. all the litho is bright. only flaw to mention is some blue paint loss at the bottom back as shown in the pictures.  An absolute fantastic piece of Russian Space Toy history.

Extremely Rare and Scarce Toy ! I think a MUST have….

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