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Osaka Tin Toy Institute – Gigantor No.5 Tetsujin 28 Sample / Prototype

I believe it was back in 2014 that Mr. Shinji Miyazawa passed away and left a real treasure behind with robot and space toys, samples and prototypes. I came into contact with a friend of Mr Miyazawa, who helped his wife to clean out the workshop of Shinji. I was able to buy a lot of the inventory and this sample, prototype of Tetsujin 28 was part of that inventory.

what is to mention about this one… well.. a lot !… First the toy has been build up out of all kind of sample runs. Its battery operated and actually working also.
The parts looks to be manually cut and put together as a sort of fun project, must have been something like that.

The robot is absolute unique and is one of a kind prototype. Its fragile and is not really made to play with a lot but, it works with all the actions.
Not only the individual parts are unique but also the robot… the idea behind it… no idea and we can not ask Mr. Miyazawa anymore so the robot will remain a mystery for sure… On the other hand… wow, what a great robot and it catched many eyes here in the years it was displayed in my workshop.

An unique piece of robot history ! If you have additional questions about this one, just let me know
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