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Yonezawa – Moon Explorer M-27

Moon Explorer M-27 made by Yonezawa in Japan for Cragstan 1963. Everybody nowadays thinks that aibo (sony) is a great walking “robot” and that`s correct, but Yonezawa was able to create a walking space toy in the early 1960`s and believe me or not, this space toy walks great. It has an ingenious internal mechanism that drives 4 legs with pods to give it a stable walk.

Walking on 4 legs with a revolving antenna, cameraman coming out of an access door, flashing lights and a beautiful lighted engine…. This is really a great space toy with outstanding lithography.  Its powered by a corded remote control that has the shape of a rocket. The remote has 2 buttons, white and red. Pressing the red button makes the M-27 to start walking and explore the “moon surface”. Pressing the white button makes the M-27 stop, a hatch/door opens and when fully opened, the cameraman/astronaut comes out, shooting the “moon surface”. Then the door closes again and the M-27 heads out for new adventures.

I found this Moon Explorer recently in Italy where it was part of a very nice collection.

The condition of this scarce Moon Explorer is near mint. The toy is all original and complete and comes with the original antenna and Remote control. The only thing to mention is that one fins of the blue remote has been glued back somewhere in the past by the previous owner. Further the toy only shows minor play wear. Moon Explorer is in full working order with all the actions mentioned here above.

The toys litho is perfect, the domes, the astronaut, the antenna, its all there, original and in perfect condition. Comes with original box in good to very good condition. the boys has a some damage, holes and parts of missing paper. Still the original box is more than acceptable and completes the toy perfectly.

hard to find in this condition, all original and complete and perfectly working.

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