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Yonezawa – Smoking Robot

Take a seat and take some time to read the story behind this robot, here we go ­čÖé …..

Of course, everybody knows these great robots. They are made in the fifties, sixties, seventies and even in the early eighties..nineties.. and even now these robots are still produced and why.. because when you think of a robot then you see THIS robot, pretty simple.

When I installed my new windows version I could choose a username password and an icon and guess who popped up… Yep, this robot so lets face its, its one of the best robots ever made..

I hear you think,┬áwhy this story because we all DO┬áknow this robot but┬áthen you make a mistake ­čÖé┬áTHIS is a variation of this legendary robot that nobody has ever seen before !! First the robot is made in the late 1950`s, no doubt about that. but where all the grey robots from this timeperiod are marked Linemar, this one is only Marked: ” Made in Japan” Under the robots feet..┬á The blue and green variations were also made by Yonezawa but not the silver ones, at least not marked this way but there is more.

I found the robot in Italy and bought it from the first owner who had this robot as a kid. Never played much with the robot. He offered me the robot already 2 years agoo and I never heard of him afterwards and suddenly he contacted me that I could come and pick up the robot, wow I was VERY happy !!

The condition of this smoking robot is near mint and in perfect working condition with smoking action, lights… all is working fine. Only a small crack in the dome is keeping the robot from higher grading. I┬áthink I┬ánever had a better example of this smoking robot.

The robot is accompanied by a new original 80`s Box toplid. the bottom of the box is a reproduction. These boxes were made in the early 80`s by Yonezawa when they did a second small run of the smoking robot using original parts. This box was used for that robot.

The robot is original Japanese and made in the late fifties by Yonezawa. The box is original and made in the 80`s.
A fantastic combination of this legendary robot. Hard to find in this prestine condition !

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