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Yonezawa – Mechanical Roby Robot.

Every robot comes with a story and that is also the case for this robot. I found this little robot in Italy ( Bari to be correct ) a couple of years ago. I met there a collector who was selling his entire collection and I decided to visit him in person.  I flew with a friend of mine to Napoli ( my god what a great city ) and drive from there through the mountains to Bari.

Turned out to be a hell ride because we ended in the mountains in a snow blizzard… Totally unexpected because earlier that day when we started in Napoli, it was 17 degrees Celcius… that night driving through the mountains we were stuck in snow… what a ride and night but… in our car, a lot of interesting robot and among them this little roby  robot 🙂

Roby ( yep, not robby but roby ! ) was made in Japan in the early sixties by Yonezawa. The robot shares its body with some other similar Yonezawa robots as well but Roby with the box seems to be a very very very rare and seldom seen variation. Roby is windup powered with sparkling action 🙂
The condition is near mint, perfectly working and roby comes with its original box in excellent to near mint condition as well. the box has some professional repair of a tear in the toplid, very well and professionally done… extreme rare box that is seldom seen with this very hard to find robot…

An absolute unbeatable combination…

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