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Nomura – Topolino Radar Robot

Radar Robot ( also called: Topolino Robot ) was made in the early sixties by Nomura in Japan. The nickname Topolino ( which means Micky Mouse ) refers to the smiling face of the robot.  Made out of tin and plastic parts on the base of the famous Tuliphead robot ( which is also a nickname by the way 🙂. In Action this Fantastic robot walks forward with swinging arms, ( cool looks ! 🙂 flashing light with space scene in its chest and spinning colorful gears. 

This rare and scarce robot is seldom seen in the market and its one of the hardest robots to find and if you can find one.. high prices seems to be always connected to this robot.
This example was found by myself i think 10 years ago in 2011. The robot was really in a very bad condition but i bought it, cleaned it as good as possible and made it working again. Some parts are replaced like the ears and nose and also the clear cover for the gears is a replacement. Further the robot is original.
what I always liked about this robot is that the head is in relative good condition compared to the robots body.

The condition.. well I would rate the robot good to very good. C6-C7 condition. The robot shows signs of wear all over the body. the robot has been played with and that left its marks on this robot.
please take a good look to the pictures. If you are in the market for a perfect one than this one is absolute not the one for you to add to your collection. Now Topolinos are not for every collector. they always demand high prices.. but in this condition the price is more friendly than a mint one…of course !

So if you want to add a legend to your collection at a price you maybe DO can afford… than this is for sure one to add…
Ultra rare and scarce robot… even in this condition..
did i mention it works like a charm ! ? :-).. well.. it does ! 🙂

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