Project Description

Yanoman – Space Scout S-17

This beautiful crafted spaceship, made by Yanoman in Japan is one of my personal favorites because of the design, litho and many cute actions. Build in the mid 1960`s (I think its 1964 but still investing the exact year) Yanoman Space Scout S-17 is one of the most attractive battery operated spacetoys that were ever made. It features mystery bump&go action. A pilot/astronaut in control fires his space gun that is illuminated and produces a loud ra-ta-ta sound. He swings his gun from left to right just to make sure he won’t miss an enemy 🙂

Not only the actions and litho but also its shape makes this a very attractive space toy. In front of this spaceship is a dome that is illuminated with swirling lights from the ‘engine’ of the ship. At the back there is a rotating antenna. There are 2 versions known, one with a white dome and one version with a red dome. This version with the white dome has a special feature. in action you not only see the swirling light underneath but there is also a raster that divides the light into small blocks.. very cool and not often saw that on these toys as most lack this feature.

The condition is excellent to near mint, NO flaws to mention on this one other than one chrome cap ( cover for the tabs ) missing at the back. Mostly these are all missing so its a miracle this toys still has 3 out of 4 present.
Works fine and strong with all the actions and lights. Antenna is original !!  Comes with an excellent somewhat faded original box.

Very hard to find in this fantastic condition.

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