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Bandai Sears – Arctic Missile Tracking Car.

This one came straight from Japan some weeks ago.. i had seen it on the internet, if i remember correctly on a facebook link or so..
I can not remember i had ever seen this one before and trying to find some info on the internet resulted in only a few low quality pics.. a rare find for sure.

Made by Bandai for Sears, probably in the mid sixties. This impressive Tin Vehicle is battery operated with:  here we go…
– Powerfull Electric Motor
– Rotating Missile Tracking Unit that moves forward and backwards
– Brilliant Blue Snow lights in the front
– Bright Red Emergency Lights in Rear

The toy was VERY dirty and really spent years in its box i guess.. took me a full day to clean but i had seen already that below the dirt was a nice toy hidden.
after the cleaning it was time for a test and to my surprise the toy was still working.. VERY slow but it still works.
to get it going properly again the toy must be opened to clean the mechanism but I dont want to take the risk to damage this fantastic toy. For me its OK that it works slow.

The “jet engine !?” at the back is a reproduction i made out of the info on the box and from the few pics i could find on the internet. Antenna same story.
I made the drawings in 3D cad and printed the parts in high resolution. I think they turned out perfect !  The Arctic Car is complete again.
what a fantastic piece this is…..absolute in my top 10 of favorites… even if its a borderline space toy… !

The condition is excellent + ! original, complete and still in working order. The jet engine and the antenna are professional 3D made reproductions. The original box is in very good to excellent condition as well.

Ultra rare and scarce toy.. i believe the most rare and scarce one in this series but.. correct me if I am wrong here…
bottomline.. a MUST have for any robot and space toy collector…

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