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Bandai Sears – Arctic Missile Tracking Car.

Made by Bandai for Sears, probably in the mid sixties. This impressive Tin Vehicle is battery operated with:  here we go…
– Powerfull Electric Motor
– Rotating Missile Tracking Unit that moves forward and backwards
– Brilliant Blue Snow lights in the front
– Bright Red Emergency Lights in Rear

The condition of this impressive piece of snow machine is excellent to near mint with some things to mention. I had this toy before and made an antenna and jet engine for that one… this one came with antenna and jet engine but i am not sure if these are the original ones either.. Its hard as in almost impossible to find good pics of this toy with all the original parts attached… anyway, these look awesome so i left them with the toy.

The Car is working and works strong but the lights do not light up. because the toy has never been opened up before I will leave checking the lights to the new owner to decide.  the toy is close to perfect so it would be a pitty to damage it only for the lights.

the box is a reproduction by the way.

Ultra rare and scarce toy.. i believe the most rare and scarce one in this series but.. correct me if I am wrong here…
bottomline.. a MUST have for any robot and space toy collector…

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