//Alps – Television Spaceman  second version
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Alps – Television Spaceman  second version

Well, just when I thought I had seen them all, a new one shows up again… lets call this one Television Spaceman 1 1/2 or so 🙂
I found the robot in the UK in september 2017, somewhere in that period. I was contacted by an older lady who explained to me that here husband passed away some years ago and that she found some toys in his belongings and this robot was part of that.   Now, normally I would not be that surprised when I see a Television Spaceman… I have seen and had many over the years but this one took my special attention because of the mixture… The robot can be referred to as the first version, with tin legs, feet and tin battery cover, no doubt about that but… the robot has the red antenna of the second version and not the iron xros  🙂

Like i said before, not a big difference but it`s to mention 🙂 Maybe they made that first series and ran out of antennas and added already a new antenna for the “New” version, who will tell 🙂

OK, what else is to mention about this fantastic piece of Robot History:  Made in Japan of course by Alps in the late fifties. Still one of my personal favorite robots with a lot of cool actions… walking, moving arms, rotating eyes, movie. light, kaleidoscope action and a cool RED antenna to switch the robot ON and OFF.
( and then i forgot to mention the screaming sound of course 🙂

The condition of this example is excellent to near mint. Gently been played with and only show some minor scratches as you can expect from a robot that is over 60 years of age. The robot works fine with all the actions, is all original and complete and comes with a fantastic original example of the original box with both original inserts present.

Rare combination of robot, and fantastic box… A great example that will be very hard to ever upgrade.


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