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Nomura – Space Robot X-70 Tuliphead

Build by Nomura at the end of the sixties ( 1970 to be exact ) in Japan. Codename: X-70) The 70 in the robots litho refers to the year of manufacture.

When you first see this robot you think…Hey this automan has no head. At a second view you locate 2 “eyes” in the front that seems to give the robot something like a head. With a third view, when the robot starts to walk, this illusion of a head is gone… its a “Tulip” with a build in camera !! ??

This very scarce and rare robot has a strange action: It walks around just like most robots from the sixties does. Suddenly he stops, his “head” peels open like a tulip ) thats why this robot is better known as Tuliphead) and he starts to film its surroundings with a build in camera. The inside of the “tulipleafs” show FANTASTIC litho that you wont see often on spacetoys, really amazing ! When the camera action has ended, the “head” closes again and the robot takes a walk again.

This example is in near mint to mint, all original and complete condition.  The robot looks like it has never been played with at all. I found it in Mexico Recently where it was found in a box with some other robots and spacetoys. Very kindly seller that also added some cool mouthmasks to the shipment, very cool to have Mexican mouthmasks 🙂 The robot survived so very well because of a loose wire inside. I have made many repairs to these robots so fixing this was not a big deal.

The result in the end is stunning ! i did not even had to clean the robot.. its just like new, absolute the best example i ever had in the dutch caves here !!
no… ehh NO upgrade ever needed on this one.. works perfect with all the lights, sound and action and the head opens and closes perfectly.. just like it was new !


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