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Yoshiya – Planet Robot Olive Variation.

This rare variation of Yoshiya`s Planet Robot has been floating around on my shelves for some years now and in fact it was hidden behind some big other robots there, so I totally forgot about it until yesterday when I was cleaning up my workshop and tadaaaa, there it was again ūüôā

I found this one in Italy some years ago, it was part of a big collection of robots and space toys.  I never saw a similar one again by the way.
The robot is made in Japan by KO Yoshiya in the early sixties. made out of tin with a clockwork mechanism, walking action and sparks in the body and face section.

These robots are “common” in blue and black but not in this olive variation. Seldom seen, rare and scarce !! The robots conditions is excellent, all original and complete and the robot is in working order. clockwork mechanism works fine but the flint needs replacement. I will leave that to the new owner to decide.
The robot has never been messed with before and therefore I dont want to open it up for only the replacing of the flint. I would strongly suggest to leave the robot in this wonderful untouched condition.

Rare and Scare variation of Yoshiya`s Planet Robot.

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