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VST – Christmas Robot Ornaments 3D Printed Set of 3 Robots
Limited Edition 2017.

This exclusive set of THREE 3D printed High Quality Robots comes in a limited edition for Christmas 2017.
The set contains 3 high end made 3D printed, handmade and handpainted Robot Christmas Ornaments. The size of the ornaments is 4.5 – 5 inches ( 11 to 12 Centimeters in Height )
Every ornament has a special ring so that it can be hung in your christmas tree.

This 2017 Christmas set contains the following ornaments:

1. Big Loo`s Head: This 3D Printed version ( the head ) is an exact copy of the original robot head. The parts were individually 3D scanned, scaled back to 31 % of the original size to make it fit in your christmas tree, and printed in high resolution on Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 Printers. Big Loo robot was originally made in the USA by Marx and was a tall plastic robot of which only 5000 were ever made I decided to only go with Loo`s Head because that is the most iconic part of the robot. Its made in a size of 11 centimeters ( aprox 4.5 inch ) Where the original robot is made in a green color of plastic, I decided to go with blue for the christmas ornament so that it will be visible between the green branches of your christmas tree 🙂

2. Tremendous Mike Robot: This 3D Printed version is an exact copy of the original robot. The parts were individually 3D scanned, scaled back to 47 % of the original size to make it fit in your christmas tree, and printed in high resolution on Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 Printers. Tremendous Mike robot was originally made in Japan in the late fifties and produced in 2 colour grey and in orange. The original Mike robot was tin made with a clockwork mechanism.  Tremendous Mike is a very rare, scarce and valuable robot these days. estimated is that only 5 examples worldwide in orange are known to exist.

3. Susie Robette: Despite a very French sounding name, Susie Robette was made in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, by Metalware Corporation, better known these days as Nesco.
This company produces about everything you can find in modern kitchens these days from roaster ovens, coffee machines, jet steam ovens and so on.
Proclaimed to be the first female robot by FAO Schwarz, Susie was part of Metal Ware’s “Little Lady” series of popular housekeeping toys that had been entertaining children since 1922.

By the 1950s the Little Lady product lineup was quite extensive and effectively mirrored the colorful and rapidly changing 1950s consumer appliance and housewares market in miniature. Susie Robette was perhaps one of the most elaborate toys to be ever be shown at Metal Ware’s New York showroom located in the 200 Fifth Avenue building.
Although pricey, the battery operated robot was substantial in size and well-detailed with a silver metallic finish, copper wire ponytail, and a bright turquoise and red apron. Several very realistic cleaning accessories were included which could all be held by Susie’s special gripping hands.Susie was available for several seasons and landed a brief mention as part of an article profiling toys for Christmas 1960 in the August 1960 issue of Changing Times magazine.  Surprising nowadays is that only a handful of these robots are known to exist and where most of the collectable robots were produced in Japan, Susie was made in the USA and is even one of the first known robots of the Golden age. Susie Robettes Patented Drawings date back to 1956, september 12th to be exact 🙂 Well, so far for the information… what is to tell about this Christmas Ornament I made of Susie Robette.

From the original robot, a clay copy was made by a dutch artist. This copy was captured by a professional 3D scanner in high resolution.
Than this 3D file was reduced in size to end up with a 12 CM Height version of Susie Robette. ( about 5 inch ). Than this file was 3D printed in high resolution, and finished with handmade decoration and handpainted details.
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These Ornaments are limited to 500 pieces each ! In this 2017 Christmas Set you will receive 3 ornaments: Big Loo` Head, Tremendous Mike and Susie Robette. Packed into a special made box. Every Ornament is manually numbered and signed. In your set you will receive the first available serial numbers at the moment of your order. Every Ornament is made with the greatest detail and attention . Printed in High Resolution and handpainted / decorated manually.
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