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Modern Toys – X-7 Popping Space Tank

The strange structure at the back of this tank caught my attention in the first place. A plastic tube, filled with colored balls placed on a space tank, wow this must be interesting. At a closer inspection I found out the Tank was made by Modern Toys in Japan in the early 1960`s. I never saw this variation before. The baby blue color combined with the lito is awesome and non standard for Modern Toys Spacetoys. The tin made astronaut is housed under a clear dome, and the tank is decorated with rockets, flying saucers and stars..

I found this toy in a pretty bad condition. the dome was missing and the toy was very dirty but underneath i saw immediatly still a very nice toy.
After cleaning the toy, getting the mechanism working again and replacing the dome, it turned out to be a very nice example of this scarce and hard to find tank.

The condition of this very rare space tank is very good to excellent. The toy only shows normal play wear, some scratches as you can expect from a played with toy. The dome is a professional replacement and fits perfectly. The tube at the back is original but has a crack in the top section. It contains still the original balls. The friction engine works fine but the mechanism that pops the balls has been worn out. Still the balls pop up from time to time.

One of the most scarce and rare space tanks I EVER had in my collection. Search the web, auctions, you will not find info about this tank.

Very rare and scarce spacetoy….

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