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Horikawa SH – Space Capsule Blue Variation.

Have you ever noticed that the astronaut inside wears the mark of SH on his helmet ! ? Not me until i took the toy out of its box again to picture it for my website 🙂

Never noticed that SH Horikawa was on the helmet…. cool detail for sure. This fantastic and hard to find space capsule was made in Japan in the mid sixties in Japan…Based on pure creativity and filled with actions, light and mysterious smoking action.
Made out of beautifully lithographed tin in fantastic blue colors, A green astronaut inside in control of the capsule and sitting behind a an instrument panel filled with meters, levers and flashing lights.

This capsule is battery powered and takes 3 D-Cell batteries to get it going and smoking with swiveling lights, beep beep sound and mystery bump and go action.

The condition is excellent to near mint, no flaws to mention on this complete and all original space capsule.  The toy is really in fantastic clean condition and hard to upgrade. Comes with original box in excellent condition with some storage wear throughout the box and a tear in the top lid and some clear tape on the inside done to protect the tear from tearing further.

Hard to find in blue, even harder to find in this condition and the capsule works fine and strong with all the lights and even still smokes !!

Overall a fantastic example of this SH Space Capsule… Hard to find in this condition !

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