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Bullmark SH Horikawa – Kamen Rider.

The trademarks on this ultra rare and scarce robot shows again the close connections to the Japanese Brands: Bullmark on the box but SH mark on the robot… to make it all more mysterious :)..

This very rare and scarce robot was made in 1973 and based on the earlier platform of Rusher Robot as it shares not only the mechanism but also the feet. Kamen Rider was a Japanese character and therefore this toy was only sold in Japan. The box shows only Japanese text so it was never made for the rest of the world.  This Kamen Rider or should I call it Kamen Rusher.. is made out of lithographed tin with plastic head and arms and it has the same actions as Rusher Robot… walking action by friction motor which allows the toy also to “fly” ( read: roll ) horizontal.

The condition of this Kamen Rider and the box is near mint, NO flaws to mention. unplayed with condition with only some very minor storage wear that keeps the toy from higher grading.

Special feature is the original sticker still attached at the back of the robot.  Fantastic condition of the robot and the box… Hard to ever upgrade example. ! Rare and Scarce toy in any condition !

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