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Asakusa – A1 Car Space Patrol

I believe i had seen this toy only one time before in a collection of a good friend, a collection in Germany… When I saw the toy i was hooked… what a beauty !! This Space Patrol has it all… the colors, the size, shape, big dome, flashing atomic chamber… WOW !!

I was even more surprised when this toy was offered to me directly from a visitor to my website… ” look what landed in my garden ” he wrote to me… and in a split second, he had my FULL attention 🙂

He found the toy in a cellar when the house from his friends father was cleaned out.  Later he contacted me there was probably also a box but that one was never found.  I decided to buy this A1 Space Patrol… what else could I do than buying it..

and here it is on my workbench in my workshop, the Legend of Asakusa, A1 Space Patrol in its full glory and although the box never saw daylight again, I was very happy to have finally this toy in hands.

A1 Space Patrol was made by Asakusa in Japan in the mid sixties, probably 1965 but i have not been able to date the toy exactly back to the exact date. The toy is battery operated and runs on 2 D-Cell Batteries. Comes with Mystery bump and go action and flashing rotating lights under the dome in front of the astronaut in control.
The toy is relatively big and that is what it makes so impressive. Its almost 30 cm in length and the wingspan is 27 cm at the back..

the condition is really excellent and besides some minor scratches and some light playwear there is not much to mention on this one. Only flaw is that the 2 hinges of the battery cover are broken so the battery cover is loose. It stays in place with the lock and i decided to do nothing about it. THe toy is complete and working and the battery cover is original for this toy, I could only do harm doing anything about it so I leave it as it is…and.. that would be highly recommended for the new owner as well to do 🙂 A1 Space Patrol works fine and strong with all the actions and lights.

This Space Patrol is so unbelievable rare and scarce that i dare to place it in the top 3 of most rare and scarce spacetoys on this planet..
I only saw it once in a timeframe of 10 years. I bet most of you have never seen or heard about this toy before…
Estimated is that 3 or 4 examples are floating around on this planet so a dammned scarce spacetoy from the golden age…

Feel free to contact me about this beauty….

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