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Ananaides – Lunar Transport

This fantastic toy shows exactly how the greek thought about living in space and more what is needed there. 2 things are important to survive in outer space and that are: Oxygen and Alcohol 🙂 !! ( at least the spaceman from U.S.A needs them. I know you wonder how i got this information… well pretty clear. when you look at this Lunar Transport Space toy and you look inside the cabin where the 4 astronauts are located than you will see 2 cylinders, one for oxygen and one fore… yeps: alcohol 🙂 Must be a funny expedition.

I found this lunar transport in Greece. I was surprised because i never saw it before. Its made by Ananaides in the early seventies in greece as well so not really surprised i found it there. what DID surprise me is that its so rare and scarce that I could not find ONE picture or any information in any auction or database.  The seller told me already it was rare but I never expected it to be so scarce. The toy is build out of lithographed tin and plastic parts and is powered by an 4.5 volt battery block. Its unplayed with, its complete, undamaged and original and was kept for almost 40 years in its original box. A fragile toy and I think not much have ever survived.

The toy works fine with all the actions, lights and spinning gears but you need a special battery ( 4,5 volt ) for it. it should be available in most countries, its available over here in holland as well. In near mint to mint condition in original box. Rare and scarce space toy from the early seventies, made in Greece !


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