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Yonezawa – Talking Robot Japanese version.

A normal day, a normal robot, a “normal” talking robot in my hands last week. I had this robot packed away for years. I remember I found it in Italy back in 2012 or so, can not even remember the exact year.

The robot was part of a BIG collection robots and spacetoys that hit the dutch caves in big big boxes. I was hunting down that collection for almost a year but we could not agree on the price. than suddenly the seller contacted me on a sunday morning and wanted to close the deal that same morning… More than 180 robots and spacetoys and I had to decide in a split second..

I cant even remember the amount of big boxes that come from Rome that month but my workshop was flooded…
Not all toys were perfect but many rare ones were among them and also this Talking Robot.
As i had 2 in my collection I stored away this one and recently unpacked it again.

The robot was in nice condition but of course, like all these talkers, not working.  I took the mechanism apart, cleaned it and installed a new driving belt and than it happends… i was speechless…. The robot was not doing its phrases in english but in Japanese !

I was not even aware of the fact that this robot was also made with a japanese talking mechanism… I had seen, repaired and heard many talkers over the years but NEVER one that did his phrases in Japanese !

The Robot does its four talking parts just like the “normal” robot does, same sound effects but now its done in Japanese, very very cool and rare as hell as I have NEVER seen one out there with this mechanism.

I have made a short youtube movie of the talking robot in action.
You can view it          HERE 

The robots condition is excellent, just normal playwear. Complete works fine with the japanese talking mechanism.

Rare.. no RARE variation of Yonezawa`s Talking Robot.

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