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Yonezawa – Moon Rocket X-12 ( Metallic Blue Variation )

When I found this rocket I really wanted to know a bit more of the rockets background so here is first some additional information:

The design of the rocket is taken from the movie: Destination Moon: One of the first science fiction films to attempt a high level of accurate technical detail tells the story of the first trip to the moon.
The rocket used in this movie was clearly used as an example to make these moon rockets made by Yonezawa.

OK enough history because its NOT the movie I want to talk about, its the Rocket ! First… you really read the name of the rocket very well, its NOT XM-12 Moon Rocket, the one you are used to but its
X-12 Moon Rocket.

This is not the regular baby blue XM-12 rocket which is available in most robot and space toys collections, but this is the ULTRA Rare and unbelievable scarce Metallic Blue X-12 Moon Rocket, made in Japan by Yonezawa in the late fifties !!

As far as my information goes, this rocket showed up ONCE ! in auction in the Paul Lips Collection where it brought an insane amount of money. It never showed up again in auction afterwards, neither in the open market. There is also a silver variation and I have seen it also once in a collection in Germany but that is about it.

This rocket differs not only in litho and color from the regular XM-12 Rocket but it features also a clicking device that is not found in the XM-12 Rocket.

I found the rocket in France some weeks ago where I needed a couple of days of touch french translation to negotiate this rocket. I had set my mind on this one but the seller was not easy to let it go. He did not speak any english in the first place but also had difficulties to let the rocket go because he knew it was a special one.
He bought it more than 10 years ago on a flea market in Paris and kept it all the time. it was his only tin spacetoy by the way 🙂 Thanks Again Michel for letting the rocket go and make it visible to the world again.

Last but not least… The condition of this example. The rocket is in excellent to near mint condition. You really NEVER have to upgrade this one but… only a few are known to exist so finding an other one will be as good as impossible ! 🙂 The rocket is complete, all original and in working condition. There is some light playwear as you can expect from a toy that is over 60 years of age… Really a miracle it survived in this condition all these years. Really a fantastic example of this ultra scarce Rocket. Clean battery compartment. Really a beauty !

Extremely Rare and Scarce Rocket, made in Japan by Yonezawa,
called : X-12 Moon Rocket.

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