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Yonezawa – Fire Rocket X-0077

who on earth came up with the name of this rocket: X-0077 The name simply does not make much sense, at least not to me ūüôā
I would say, who cares because you are looking at one of the most rare rockets Yonezawa made.¬†The rocket is made out of lithographed tin and has a special feature. The rocket is friction powered and when you give the toy a good swing it rolls over the floor. the fun starts when the rocket hits an object because then the astronaut is ejected from the rocket :), cool or what ! ūüôā¬†The astronaut is¬†“sitting in his chair” and¬†stays there because there is a magnet underneath.¬†A spring mechanism ejects the astronaut¬†when the nose of the rocket¬†hits an¬†object.

OF¬†COURSE, i found the¬†rocket in Italy, where else ūüôā¬†!¬†The seller, Geraldo had this toy since¬†his childhood and decided to sell the¬†toy with pain in his heart. I think I never had a¬†toy coming in better packed¬†than¬†this one ūüôā in a wooden¬†box, wow ! ūüôā

The condition….well I can be pretty short: near mint to mint rocket in near mint box.¬†NO flaws to mention, the rocket is as good as new and I¬†can assure you, no¬†upgrade needed on this rocket. The box is original and complete, no tears or repair. The rocket was made in 1962¬†in Japan by¬†Yonezawa by the way.¬†I never saw this rocket before in the open market.. Extremely¬†scarce space toy in this condition.

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