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Western Germany – VX1000 Flying Saucer

Funny to see that one of the most desirable flying saucers is not build in Japan but in Germany ( former Western Germany ) Build in the early 1950`s by an unknown manufacturer. I have searched through all my resources but I was not able to find ANY information about this saucer. It looks like just nobody knows the company who made this saucer. Also I was not able to find any information about the original box of this very scarce space toy. I just guess it never came with a box………..who will tell.

What makes this saucer so special is the beautifully lithography of the aliens that are in control of this spaceship. Litho that was never seen before and afterwards on any space toy. The saucer has a clockwork mechanism that can be wound up and makes the saucer goes around in strange circles.

The condition of this early 50`s saucer is really excellent to near mint. The clockwork mechanism is complete original and perfectly working. I doubt if you will ever been able to find a better example of this very very rare and scarce space toy.

Made in Western Germany and not in Japan, awesome litho and highly searched for….Complete your space toy collection with one of the most desirable saucers ever build in the golden age…

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