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VST – Robot Radar Tractor X-9

Not all toys in my workshop are complete anymore and although it are ultra rare and scarce toys… when they miss parts, they are suddenly put in a totally different category. A couple of years ago i found a rare and scarce radar tractor but it was missing the antenna and its driver. In that same year i found also an X-9 car but it was missing all the internals, the green dome and the robot was missing an arm and had some corrosion caused by a leaking battery.

I did put these toys or better said, the remains on my shelves in my workshop to look at them every day and to think about giving them a second life.   Now I know that its not easy to complete them again and finding the missing original parts is almost impossible because the toys are simply to scarce for this…

Only thing for me that is left than is leave them on the shelves as long as i need to combine them.  For me, the new combination must be at least as perfect as the original toy or even better…. The colors, the size and the look must fit perfectly. As I only want to use original parts for these projects its sometimes hard and you have to wait till sudden missing links pass by….

I think that my friend Xris was the one that added the robot on the tractor but i could not find the legs to complete it…Than suddenly i remembered i had a spare part of the car that was totally damaged but the “legs”  were spared and that would do the job…

The result is a rare radar tractor that was made by Frankonia in the early sixties, even maybe in the late fifties. The toy is so scarce that no real date can be found. Originally the tractor is driven by a little grey robot with a dish antenna a the back. The blue robot was part of a green car, X-9, made by Modern Toys.

As Henk Gosses already gave this robot legs in the past, I wanted to go an other way, resulting in this combination. legs AND a tractor 🙂
Together thise 2 parts make a strong combination. The size, colors and look and feel all come together again in this VST – Robot Radar Tractor X-9.

The robot is perfectly mounted on the tractor by even using all the original tabs and only i had to made some minor changes to place the robot in the driver seat. The legs were taken from the damaged car and cut out of the tin body. Its just as if they were made for this tractor. The steering wheel is also the original wheel from the X-9 Car.

The Robot Radar Tractor hoovers around with mystery bump&go action, powered by 2 D-Cell batteries. I had to relocate the on/off switch to the back of the tractor because the original one was not hidden under the robots legs. The plutonium chamber of the engine lights up with rotating light action as well.

Only original parts were used to create this Robot Radar Tractor from “scratch”   and it still works as it was intended to do, many many years ago !

This toy is absolute unique and only ONE has been made. Comes with an official certificate of origin.

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