Project omschrijving

VST / Linemar – Interplanetary Space Platform with Realistic Robot.

What to do with a space platform that seems to miss always the original ( read: boring , yep ) astronaut. what to do…if you can find it because these Interplanetary Space Platforms are not showing up every day…In fact.. they are scarce like hell..

I found this Interplanetary Space Platform In Italy some time ago. It was, of course, missing the grey astronaut and in the box were some loose parts. I had it on my shelf for quite some time and had already figured out that it could be restored perfectly because all the parts of the platform were there but…. what to add in control instead of the missing astronaut.

while working on the little ornaments in the past months I placed just for fun a tremendous mike on that platform et… voila… that was the one to go with !
Not only it did fit perfectly, it also could grab the platform and fitted perfectly on the spot of the astronaut.

I first considered to make a grey one but hey.. life is grey enough so I decided that the orange one is a perfect addition to the platform…  What else is to mention… besides the 3D printed Robot and grey antenna, the rest of the platform is all original and complete and works like a charm… there is a LOT going on on the platform.. what to think of mystery bump and go action. lighted tower with blinking light, rotating antenna, pumping pistons behind Mike… wow… .

The condition of the platform is excellent and besides the replaced robot and antenna, the toy is complete, original and fully functional.  The robot is placed loose on the platform and only grabs the rail,  it can be removed whenever you want without any problems and you can put the original astronaut in place if you are ever been able to find one…

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