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VST – Drumming Mike Robot.

While i was in the middle of making 3D Tremendous Mike Robots, my eye fell on an Alps drumming clown tin toy that was standing in my workshop for quite some time.
I was making a red variation of Tremendous Mike and when the head was done I ripped of the clowns head to see if Mike`s Head would fit this Robot to become.

My friend Martijn made a variation of this drummer some years ago. Now it was time to make a Drumming Mike version of this toy 🙂

I added some tin robot and space litho to the robot and created a new head with a cool antenna to make it complete.

The result is a stunning Drumming Mike Robot that is ready to drum the shit out of the universe 🙂

The robot is battery operated with walking and drumming space action. The toy takes 2 D-Cell batteries to get it going. Excellent condition and one of a kind creation. Only ONE was made in this configuration.

The robot will come with an official certificate. Serial 1 / 1
Made in the Dutch Caves 2017…

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